Novel Captain Nobody : Characters (Form 5 English Novel)

Novel Captain Nobody : Characters (Form 5 English Novel)


•        A 10-year-old, fourth grader at Appleton Elementary

•        Short, skinny, freckled,quiet
•        Lives in the shadow of elder brother, Chris Newman, whom he loves dearly
•        Quiet, unassuming, ignored by others

•        Creative, talented artist, enjoys drawing superheroes
•        Selfless, loving, responsible, hard-working, disciplined, independent, positive, intelligent,

•        observant, has integrity
•        Fear of heights (ACROPHOBIA)
•        Feels confident, strong, when he is dressed as Captain Nobody.

•        Helpful – makes breakfast for the family every day

•        Heroic – saves Mr. Clay, the Sullivan’s, Ferocious the Ferret, Reggie Ratner in his alter ego character, Mr. Nobody


•        Newt's classmate and one of Newt's two best friends
•        Shorter than Newt, has a loud voice
•        Also ignored by the other kids at school

•        Outspoken, impulsive, innovative and always bursting with ideas, witty
•        positive; encourages and motivates his friends

•        dreams of becoming a drummer


•        Newt's classmate and one of Newt's two best friends

•        Is 'invisible' to the other kids at school but she does not let it bother her

•        Tallest girl in the fourth grade

•        Positive, creative, careful, sharp, intelligent, thoughtful, sensitive, observant, outspoken

•        A voracious reader, has amazing vocabulary and grammar, able to read when she was three

•        Helps to create Newt’s Halloween costume


•        Newt's older brother in Fillmore High School

•        An American Football star in his school Ferrets of Fillmore High School

•        Tall, athletic, agile

•        Brotherly, loving, kind, shares a close bond with Newt

•        Disciplined, determined, performs well under pressure, has a sense of humour.

•        Scored the winning touchdown in the Big Game

•        Knocked unconscious into a come during the Big Game


•        A busy supervisor with a construction company

•        Gives a lot of attention to Chris but neglects Newt

•        Tries to make up for his neglect of Newt when he is informed of Newt's unusual behavior


•        A busy estate agent

•        Absent-minded - depends on Newt to remember where she leaves her keys and documents


•        A student at Merrimac High
•        Heavily built defence player of the rival football team
•        Arch-enemy of Chris Newman on the field

•        Harassed by Chris's teammates
•        Appleton residents mistakenly think he is planning to jump from the water tower


•        Newt's teacher

•        Diplomatic, wise - tells the principal that Newt is distracted by Chris's injury.

•        Kind, compassionate, perceptive – realizes what Newt is going through when he comes to school in his Halloween outfit

•        *Controls her class well.


•        Principal of Appleton Elementary School
•        Strict but open to reason

•        Is not good at remembering names.


•        School Nurse
•        Kind and soft-hearted - cares about Newt and shows concern


•        Reggie's cousin at Fillmore Elementary

•        A large, seventh grader
•        Intimidates and threatens Newt to tell Chris's friends to leave Reggie alone.


•        One of the players in the football team of Fillmore High

•        He is actually the one who knocks Chris out


Novel Captain Nobody : Synopsis Chapter 5 - Chapter 8

Novel Captain Nobody : Synopsis Chapter 5 - Chapter 8


1.       Chris is unconscious as the result of the winning touchdown.

2.      The whole ground is in complete silence when Chris is being attended and brought to the hospital.

3.      Chris’ test results come out and fortunately he is not suffering from any broken parts, he is in a coma.

4.      Newt wants to visit Chris at the hospital but his dad does not allow him.
5.      The next day, Newt answers various callers trying to get some news about Chris.
6.      Cecil and JJ drop by at Newt’s house to cheer him up.

7.      The local community is talking about the touchdown incident and starts calling it the Big Tackle.

8.      Cecil also tells Newt that some of the Ferrets get some revenge on Reggie, the Chargers’ defensive back who is accused of causing Chris to get into his coma.

9.      Speechless, Newt tries to avoid Halloween by saying that he has lots of chores to settle.
10.   Both Cecil and JJ are not convinced and they decide to meet the next day at 6.00 p.m for Halloween.


1.       Newt is frantically searching for idea as he is running out of time to come out with his Halloween costume and falls asleep soon after.
2.      By noon, Newt is still clueless about his costume and he decides not to celebrate Halloween.

3.      He then falls asleep when sketching his latest fantasy superhero character.
4.      Mom is already home when Newt wakes up.
5.      After peeping at Mom holding his brother’s sweatshirt, Newt asks if there is anything he can do to cheer her up.

6.      But Newt is told that he could do nothing for the moment.
7.      Taken aback by Mom’s words, he decides to prove that he is useful in such stressful situation.

8.      Just before he can cheer Mom up by wearing his brother’s old clothes.
9.      In the meantime, Cecil and JJ arrive at Newt’s doorstep.
10.   Cecil disguises himself as the famous musician, Mozart whereas JJ is dressed up as Splendida, a fictional character from her favourite book.

11.    Lastly, the big and important question pops out, ‘What is Newton Newman going to be for Halloween?’


1.       Newt is out of words when is asked to explain about his outfit as he is wearing his brother’s pieces of clothing.

2.      JJ asks Newt if there is something wrong with his brother.
3.      Newt replies that his brother is doing fine.
4.      He does not want to let his best friends down so he insists that both of them should continue celebrating Halloween without him.

5.      Newt finally confesses that he does not have a costume for himself and he immediately explains everything that he did in search for a suitable costume before Cecil and JJ can respond to the confession.

6.      After a long silence, Cecil and JJ decide to transform Newt’s outfit on the spot.
7.      Both of them alter the pieces of clothing that Newt is wearing and eventually they manage to produce an outstanding costume.

8.      They reach the ultimate transformation when JJ cuts two small holes on the sweatband that Newt is wearing o his forehead and change it into a mask.

9.      The mask makes Newt feels protected.
10.   The three of them feel ecstatic as they finally manage to celebrate the Halloween together.


1.       When they arrive at the first stop, the lady and her husband living in the house are rejoiced when they look at Cecil, JJ and Newt.

2.      The lady has perfectly guessed Cecil’s and JJ’s Halloween costumes.
3.      Then, the couple turns their attention to Newt, who is still searching for an identity of his own as he has not named his alter ego yet.

4.      The lady’s husband notices C.N. on the middle of Newt’s forehead and he directly asks them about those initials.

5.      C.N is actually Chris’s initials on the sleeve of his brother’s old T-shirt.
6.      Surprised by the question, Newton is tongue-tied at first while both Cecil and JJ are quick enough to suggest Captain Nuclear.

7.      Eventually, Newt manages to overcome his own fear and he reveals himself as Captain Nobody, C.N.


KUDUP PERANG (Tuah Sujana)

KUDUP PERANG  (Tuah Sujana)


Rangkap 1

Peperangan akan mengakibatkan kezaliman dan penindasan serta membangkitkan perasaan dendam antara satu sama lain. Namun begitu kita perlu bersyukur kerana walau dihimpit kesengsaraan oleh perang masih ada insan yang berani untuk bangkit berjuang walaupun dalam keadaan dikongkong dan disekat kebebasannya. Dia juga masih dapat memberikan harapan masa depan yang lebih baik. Timbul persoalan tentang siapakah pemimpin yang sejati.

Rangkap 2

Kita tidak sempat menganalisis dan berfikir untuk masa depan ketika konflik dan pertarungan untuk memegang tampuk kekuasaan. Pertentangan menjadi permusuhan yang menimbulkan pelbagai tafsiran yang mengelirukan. Timbul persoalan siapakah yang akan memusnahkan pendusta?

Rangkap 3

Sekiranya pejuang tersebut seperti Tuah, kita masih tidak dapat menyanjunginya sebagai seorang panglima yang paling gagah kerana keampuhan kesetiaannya terhadap kerajaan bukan menjadi ukuran teguhnya neraca keadilan. Kadang-kadang kesetiaan itu dimusnahkan oleh pengadu domba. Kesannya memberikan kesengsaraan dan penderitaan serta menjatuhkan maruah negeri.

Sekiranya pejuang tersebut seperti Jebat, kita tidak boleh melabelkannya sebagai pengkhianat kerana kita masih mengingati keadilan yang musnah kerana fitnah yang bermaharalela. Ada orang mengaguminya sebagai tokoh pejuang.

Rangkap 4

Perebutan kuasa telah melenyapkan pelbagai tipu daya yang sering dikaitkan dengan kepalsuan. Akhirnya, telah mengembalikan kebenaran kepada haknya, memberikan kesejahteraan dan melenyapkan perasaan dendam.


Peperangan mengakibatkan kezaliman dan mencetuskan semangat perjuangan

Peperangan menyebabkan kezaliman, penindasan dan perasaan dendam. Selain itu, peperangan juga mencetuskan semangat perjuangan untuk menentang kezaliman dan menegakkan keadilan.


1.            Pengorbanan diri untuk orang lain.

Contoh: kesanggupan berkorban demi menegakkan kebenaran dan keadilan.

2.            Kesan peperangan.

Contoh: dalam peperangan berlaku tipu daya dan muslihat serta telah membangkitkan perasaan dendam antara satu sama lain.

3.            Menegakkan keadilan

Contoh: menjadi tanggungjawab setiap orang untuk menghentikan kezaliman dan penindasan demi menegakkan keadilan.

4.            Kesetiaan terhadap negara

Contoh: setiap orang mesti menunjukkan kesetiaan terhadap negara yang didiaminya.

5.            Penilaian perlu dibuat secara adil berdasarkan konteks.

Contoh: Tindakan Jebat memberontak adalah untuk menuntut keadilan terhadap Tuah dan bukan penderhakaan kepada raja.


1.         Terdiri daripada enam rangkap.

2.         Bilangan baris dalam setiap rangkap tidak sama. Rangkap pertama; sebelas baris, rangkap kedua; sepuluh baris, rangkap ketiga; sepuluh baris, rangkap keempat; enam baris, rangkap kelima; lapan baris dan rangkap keenam; empat baris.

3.         Jumlah patah kata dalam setiap baris juga tidak sama iaitu antara dua hingga enam patah kata dalam satu baris.

4.         Bilangan suku katanya antara empat hingga tujuh belas suku kata.

5.         Rima akhirnya tidak sama.


1.         Personifikasi - sering mengudupkan putik dendam, kerana membenarkan sepasang mata, untuk berlari dengan tangan bergari, teramat lara kita menjahit semula

2.         Metafora - mengudupkan putik dendam, menumbuhkan kelopak rahsia, Perang pun melecurkan lidah muslihat

Anafora -
untuk berlari dengan tangan

untuk sehari lagi; sambil bertanya:

4.         Responsi  -mewarnakan keindahan pada hodohnya

menjungkitkan amarah pada damainya

5.         Sinkope  - Andai namamu Tuah, Andai namamu Jebat,

6.         Simile  -  seperti perawan


1.            Keberanian – penyajak berani mencari jawapan dan kepastian antara pahlawan dengan pengkhianat.

2.            Keadilan – Tuah dan Jebat hendaklah diadili dengan saksama.

3.            Keinsafan – penyajak insaf bahawa peperangan dan perbalahan akan menggugat kedamaian hidup.

4.            Kerajinan – usaha yang gigih dan bersungguh-sungguh untuk membina kebahagiaan hidup semula selepas peperangan perlu dilakukan.


1.            Kita mestilah berani meluahkan perasaan dan hujah tentang sesuatu perkara yang benar.

2.            Kita mestilah menjadi seorang pemimpin yang berkewibawaan demi menjaga maruah diri dan keluarga.

3.            Kita mestilah bertanggungjawab menyelesaikan segala tugasan yang diberikan kepada kita sebagai seorang pemimpin.

4.            Kita mestilah amanah dalam usaha menjalankan tanggungjawab sebagai seorang yang memimpin sesuatu organisasi.

5.            Kita mestilah adil dan saksama dalam segala perbuatan demi memastikan kesempurnaan sesuatu organisasi yang kita pimpin.